Coaching for Individuals


A session lasts mainly for one hour, but usually a bit longer to assure everything has been mentioned and that the student's questions has been fully answered.
The session begins with the student introducing themself to Veigar v2. Then, they will make their first impression by reviewing the student's OP.GG for mistakes regarding runes/build/cs numbers/history.
Before diving into the VOD, there will be a brief conversation about why the student decided to receive a coaching session, which specific aspect should be tackled, what the biggest struggles are and so forth.

VOD Review

If the student has a relatively small champion pool or is an OTP, Veigar v2 will take the extra time to go over all the mechanics and unique actions you can execute with that particular champion.
Soon after, the analytic part of the session starts, the VOD review. The VOD that will be analyzed is a recent game of the student that he/she and Veigar v2 have both agreed on to watch beforehand. Preferably, not a stomp game and chose a recorded POV that would serve you well for a coaching session. During the VOD review, Veigar v2 will question the student's decisions to make the student reflect on certain actions that lead to mistakes and bad performances. The coach will cover laning phase, Jungle interactions (such as pathing, vision control, which Jungler does what, etc.), wave management, how to play each stage of the game and a lot more.

Coaching Summary

After the VOD review is finished, a conclusion will be made of all points that were mentioned during the session in order that the student understands the full picture of his conduct.
At the end of the session, the student has the possiblity to pose questions if there are any left. (You can always leave him a message in the website chat to ask a question)



Regular coaching session
Verbal session (30 minutes)

Coaching Requirements

Decent internet connection for a fine screenshare quality on Discord. Also a chosen gameplay that you recorded. Please upload the VOD either on Youtube or Twitch. If you were unable to record your in-game gameplay for example via OBS, Overwolf Outplayed, MedalTV, or others, alternatively, we can look into the client replay.
Despite that, Veigar v2 is highly preferring POV replays based on the fact that he will then have a complete overview of your in-game decision making process in terms of camera management, map knowledge and awareness, mouseclicks, course of action during the laning phase (micro-management), macro management, and further important details.

Coaching Platform

Veigar V2's online coaching platform provides a simplified booking method for either a "Regular Coaching Session" or "Verbal Session" and additionally stores all of your Coaching VODs, which will be always available for a rewatch, to ensure the best of conveniences for all students. Afterwards you are always able to message Veigar if you have further questions.

Hint: While rewatching, pause the VOD if you have not understood something, and take notes to efficiently memorise what you have to improve on.


Known players that got coached by Veigar v2

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