Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the difference between a regular and a verbal coaching session?

Regular coaching sessions are divided into an introduction, VOD review, and summary with a length of ~60 minutes.
A verbal session is a 30 minute conversation about your issues with the game; for example in terms of mentality (habits, toxicity, problems in your life that impact your gameplay, etc.), your biggest struggles, communication with your team mates, and more. Furthermore, your will be reviewed and Veigar will give you his opinion on item purchase, rune page, odd things that he notices, and any further mistakes.

Do I need to record my game or is the review function through the client enough?

Veigar v2 prefers to see your POV as you analyze the VOD together. This way, Veigar v2 has a complete overview of your in-game decision making process in terms of camera management, map knowledge and awareness, mouseclicks, course of action during the laning phase (micro-management), macro management, and further important details.

Do you coach every Role and Champion?

Yes, as I have reached challenger in multiple roles and worked with the best players in every single role I am confident in my ability to coach all roles and champions in the game.

I booked a session but its not showing up on the site?

Join Veigar V2s discord server and DM him, show your paypal payment and he will help you.

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