Meet the best Veigar world

Veigar v2 introduces himself

My name is Marius, and I have played League of Legends since season 3. My peak elo is 1126 LP Challenger. I am a Challenger Mid, Jungle and Support player and I offer coaching to all roles.

Season 3: Bronze
Season 4: Plat
Season 5: Diamond 3
Season 6: Diamond 1
Season 7: Master Tier
Season 8: Challenger 512 LP
Season 9: Challenger 1126 LP
Season 10: Challenger 612 LP
Season 11: Challenger 917 LP
Season 12: Challenger 1040LP
Season 13: Challenger 838 LP So far

Example coaching VOD

Join my Patreon for more educational content

On Patreon, I want to share my coaching sessions with all of you that I had with my students of all ranks, Pro Play reviews, tier lists and further information relating to the game. I am aware that not everybody is able to pay the full price of ( 120$ ) for a session and therefore I want to make sure that everybody is able to improve and learn League of Legends. Also, it is an opportunity for my followership to support my work and to expand the community.

I will upload every coaching session (as long as the student that I'm coaching agrees with it) to my Patreon and you will be able to learn from their mistakes and from what I'm instructing them to do.

If you want to be successful with the game, then this is your opportunity to make it happen!

What students say