Veigar v2 Coaching Platform

Veigar V2's online coaching platform provides a simplified booking method for coaching sessions and additionally stores all of your coaching VODs, which will be always available for a rewatch.

How to book a session after creating an account

Select Session Type

You can choose between a 60 minute VOD review or a 30 minute conversation.

Actual prices may vary from those shown in the picture

Select Date & Time

Pick one of the white dates in the calendar. The available timeslots will appear on the right.

Additional Information

You can provide additional information such as your VOD that you want to review and your OP.GG link.

If you don't have a VOD/OP.GG link yet you can submit them later at "My Sessions".

Check out

Make sure date and time are correct and proceed by clicking on "Buy Now"

After you booked your first session

My Sessions

After your payment, you will get redirected to your "My Sessions" view. Here you can see every session you booked.

Click on a session to manage and view it.

Session view

Here you are able to edit your own VOD as well as your OP.GG link. You can also cancel your session until 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule it.

Your coaching VOD

After your session is finished, Veigar v2 will upload your coaching VOD to YouTube (as not-listed/private video).
You will get an email notification after your coaching VOD is available to watch.

Chat with Veigar v2

Feel free to ask Veigar v2 if you have any questions regarding your upcoming session, your coaching VOD or something about the game.